A fascination with reptiles has consumed a lot of my time and has always been a great interest.

I've had a long curiosity of all animals, particularly of reptiles.


In over 25 years of my raising reptiles, natural casualties occur.   Each time, not wanting to discard these beautiful specimens, I experimented with

different ways of preserving them. Finally after years of trial & error .I have come up with a great way to cast replicas of them .I have cast them using many

different materials. I settled on rich high grade concrete.   It is durable and weather resistant.  That makes these beautiful replicas usable on a patio or flower garden. 

They can also be used for reptile identification .This is very useful for teaching children how to recognize local  venomous reptiles. 


Being a naturalist and spending a lot of time outdoors, I've also collected a lot of skulls and bones

along with road-killed reptiles that I have cast (some as life-like replicas, and some as fossil replicas).


All replicas are hand cast and hand painted --  signed and dated.

They are original and limited, in that each mold only allows a certain number

of castings before it deteriorates. 


For more information on my replicas, please contact me directly.



Kingsnake 50 inches  $35.00


19 inch Gila Monster on 16 inch rock base   $100.00


9 foot Python  $150.00


Large Cottonmouth 54 inches  $60.00


Large 6 foot Timber Rattlesnake 25 rattles   $100.00


Small Timber Rattlesnake 34 inches 6 rattles $35.00


Large Timber Rattlesnake 55 inches 17 rattles $60.00


Small Copperhead 23 inches $30.00


Average Adult Size Copperhead  34 inches $35.00


Medium Cottonmouth 33 inches $35.00


Large 6 foot Western Diamondback Rattlesnake 25 rattles   $100.00



Alligator Snapping Turtle Skull cast from Fiberglass  $50.00

Fossil plaques are approximately 1/2 inch thick and have a hanger on the back so you can hang them on the wall.

Egyptian Fruit Bat fossil plaque with wing web

9-1/2 inches X 12 inches  $30.00



Egyptian Fruit Bat fossil plaque

9 inches X 11 inches $30.00



Monitor Lizard fossil plaque 16 inches X 5 inches  $35.00


Dragon Track  5-1/2 inches X 6 inches  $10.00

Actual track from our huge Monitor Lizard, cast in a fossil rock.


Dragon Track  5 inches X 5-1/2 inches  $10.00

Actual track from our huge Monitor Lizard, cast in a fossil rock.


Fish (drum) fossil plaque15 inches long $30.00



25 lb. Fiberglass Blue Cat Fish  $250


Brown Neck Raven skull, Raven feather, and Indian Arrowhead cast in a fossil rock  $30.00

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